Almost Half Way There!

Recap of last week’s long run: I ran 14 miles before work on Wednesday with only 4 hours of sleep. I tried Gu Mint Chocolate and it was much more tasty than the Strawberry Banana flavor, FYI. Got 7 miles into the run and it was as if the heavens opened up and there sat Chick-Fil-A. Perfect stop for a bathroom break and water to slurp down my Gu. 7 miles later and I’m back at home, surprisingly doing and feeling pretty chipper. Then off to work I went!

This week, week 8: So.. I’ve decided that 18 weeks is a long time to train for a marathon, or anything for that matter.

Coming off a weekend of traveling and staying up way past my bedtime..I’m going to admit that I have yet to run this week.

Honestly, I just haven’t felt like lacing up my running shoes.

I’m really thrown for a loop here but I know that with still 10 weeks until the marathon, I’ll be ok.

I’m hoping to get a mid to long run in tomorrow (7-15 miles) since I’ll be traveling again this weekend, and the next. Next weekend’s long run is supposed to be only 13 miles, so if worse comes to worse I’ll just flip weeks.

I hate how much I have to alter the training plan, but I gotta do what works for me and my schedule too. It is summer after all and I want to enjoy what’s left of it!

                Straight from Las Vegas, the Bellagio Hotel Fountains!

Moral of the story: Just because I love to run, doesn’t mean I don’t have days that I don’t want to run. We all know we feel better mentally and physically after a run, though sometimes it’s the last thing we want to do.

Believe in the Run

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