Uncharted Territory

Marathon season is here. I ran 17 miles Saturday. Holy Moly.

I have had so much going on recently I don’t even know where to begin.

#1 I’ve been a crazy busy girl but I’ve still fit in my runs.

After a week’s hiatus from running I’ve come back alive and motivated. I’ve found a couple of times where I’ve been kicking myself for missing that week/altering my training plan so much because of traveling but like any situation in life, negative self-talk doesn’t take you far. Especially when you’re trying to cross a marathon’s finish line.

So instead, I lace up my worn out, need new shoes SO badly running shoes and run baby run.

PDR= Personal Distance Record

I’ve had 3 in the past month and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. First was the 14 miler before Vegas, then 15 miles last week, and finally 17 miles this past Saturday.

Let’s Recap.

15 Miles:

Done after work because we were going out-of-town for the weekend.

Did not hydrate/fuel properly throughout the day.

Experimented with Hammer Gel Espresso.

Took 2 slurps of it and it almost came back up. Sorry for the visual. That one was not a winner. So in addition to not properly fueling BEFORE the run, I had no fuel DURING the run.

That was probably the hardest run ever. Talk about hitting the wall. For the first time ever, I walked during a long run. Albeit for only 0.5 miles but still. At that point I felt like I was walking faster than I could run.

Just when I thought I couldn’t go any longer, at mile 14 the heavens opened up and it POURED RAIN. It was amazing and I made it the full 15 miles. Never again without proper fuel/hydration though. Lesson learned.

On a positive note, I did find a new route to run. It connects the entire Greenway together and it’s safe and not terribly hilly so it’s perfect for this particular marathon.

17 Miles: On a MUCH happier note, the 17 miles went very smooth compared to the 15 miler.

It was a normal Saturday morning, I got to sleep in a little bit, had some breakfast, a gel in hand and out the door I went.

I found the most amazing gel and this is what I will use during the marathon.

It’s light, it’s fruity, it feels better than Gu. I ate the whole packet without feeling queasy. Two thumbs up from this runner! 🙂

I took it at 6.5 miles and felt pretty good until mile 14. It looks like I’ll take 3 during the marathon. Mile 6, mile 13, and mile 20. I’ll be experimenting more with that as the weeks approach.

I ran the new route again and went a little further on it, actually reaching the end of it. Weird to run until there is no road left…

So here I am, 7 weeks out from my first marathon. 18 miles is up next for this week! Here We Go!


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