T-15 Days!

Until my first marathon. Holy smokes. Seems like it was just last April when I signed up for this monster. Time flies when you’re training!

You probably know by now that last Sunday I came down with a cold. I’ve battled it all week and finally feel about 95% back to my normal self. I honestly don’t remember the last time I was sick. However, with all the traveling and training I’ve been doing, I’m surprised it is just now happening. Here’s a good article that explains why that happens and how to avoid it.

Thankfully it was just a head cold and I was able to run on Wednesday (2.5 out of 3 mi) and Thursday(3.5 out of 4 mi). Hopefully I’ll be able to run this weekend for my last double-digit run of 12 miles before race day!

I’ve also started my packing list! This weekend I’ll be making a trip to Goodwill to find warm/cheap clothes I can wear to the starting line then ditch once the gun goes off. It’ll only be around 50 degrees at 7:30am that day, but you can bet I’m not wearing winter running clothes during this thing!

On Wednesday I received my final confirmation packet with instructions and my bib #! I’m runner #12168. You’ll need to know that in case you sign up to follow me throughout the marathon. Now that I have the bib number it definitely seems more real. Not like running over 300 miles hasn’t made it real or anything.

Oh, I wanted to mention how awesome it was to run in NYC and Central Park while I was there! We (my sister-in-law and myself) ran from our hotel in Times Square to Central Park, ran around there, and headed back to the hotel. It ended up being an 8 mile run and it was awesome. If you ever get a chance to do these city running tours, I would highly recommend it. While we gave ourselves a tour of NYC, I think it’d be great to have a real tour guide..I want to do one for Boston or DC.

Hope you had a great week! TGIF!

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