One Foot in Front of the Other

As the days are flying by to Saturday I’m REALLY getting excited for it to get here!

I started my packing pile this weekend and will finish completely packing tonight! We’re leaving right after work tomorrow and I don’t want to be rushed and accidentally forget something.

I know I haven’t actually run the race yet, but I’m so excited for the challenge ahead of me. Training in itself was a challenge and I got through that, so I’m excited to see what the new challenge I face will be like.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions: Why do you get so excited to run? Why do you run so far? Don’t you get bored? You’re might get hurt.

The way I see it, there are parts of life as an adult (generally speaking) you just don’t get to experience all the time.

Sometimes there’s not much excitement. I’m all about having a routine but sometimes it just gets mundane.

Sometimes there are no surprises, no good ones at least. “Oh the car needs fixed again..”

Sometimes you’re so stuck in a rut you forget what you’re capable of doing. “I have these responsibilities and I have no time for anything else.”

Some people combat this by finding a new job, traveling to new places, learning a new hobby, adopting a puppy, having a baby..but for now, I run.

Nerd alert: In college, I kind of liked exams because it was a challenge to me. I studied and went to class, did homework and then took a test to see what I knew. It’s probably bad but, it was almost as if I was seeing “how good I was” at that topic.

In running, I now like races to “see what I know.” I do core exercises, focus on fueling, read articles on various running topics, follow my running schedule, then race and see how well I do. I know there’s only a certain amount I can keep improving, but as long as I’m doing something I’m content. That’s enough to keep me confident, keep me excited, and always shooting for a goal. If I’m doing nothing, I’m definitely not improving so that’s not going to help anything.

Sometimes I know I set my goals pretty high. What’s that cheesy line? “Shoot for the moon, if you miss you’ll land upon the stars.” Yeah.. that’s my relationship with running. Don’t get me wrong, I’m zealous but not over-zealous. I don’t want to end up on the injured list. I think that would be pretty horrible. But that’s another post..

Anyway, here’s to setting goals and achieving them.

Here’s to putting your mind to something you thought you would never do.

Here’s to starting AND finishing.

Here’s to believing you can do it. Don’t mind anyone else.

Here’s to you.


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