Ode to Running

Well hello there! How are things on your end of the mouse?

Here’s what’s been going on over here..

1. Last weekend I tried to run and failed. Then I walked a 5k which was humbling to say the least.

2. I was in pain from attempting to run last Thursday for approximately 4 days afterwards.

3. While at the race I decided I really needed to make some changes with how I’m approaching this “hiatus to running.” Let’s face it, I’m injured, no more “hiatus.”

4. This has been a big pill for me to swallow over the past week.

Sorry in advance this isn’t the normal happy, chipper Beth-post..

So about that pill to swallow.

I decided at the race I really need to cut back on the exercise I’ve been doing. Mainly because it hurt to run after only 1 mile instead of the 2.5 miles I ran before I went to the sports doctor just 3 weeks ago.

You see, when I said I took a hiatus from running, I did stop running, but I replaced it with elliptical and the arc trainer which incorporates resistance as part of the workout. The resistance gives me a great workout but I fear it also isn’t helping my hip much. So I haven’t done any of that non-sense in 8 days. (not that anyone is counting)

Cool, so no cardio. Surely there is SOMETHING I can do, right? I went to Yoga on Tuesday night and it was marvelous, obviously. I also am afraid though, with all the bending and stretching and joint work.. this may not be a good option either.

So what’s left?

Technically I’ve exhausted all of my options I conventionally use to stay fit and sane. If we’re talking about being adventurous though, I could always hit the pool. But again, resistance of the water when I’m kicking probably wouldn’t be good for it.

So I think I’m really on the bench this time. Like, no heart-pumping, adrenaline or endorphin producing, sweat dripping, muscles aching AWESOME-NESS.

photo (17)
(After my 5 mile run in 98 degree heat + humidity this summer)

Nope. None of that. Sorry ‘boutcha, Beth.

THAT’S the pill I’m trying swallow.

In retrospect I’ve been training, running, being completely active (my whole life but specifically) for 8 out of 12 months of 2011. I’m sure that’s also the reason I am injured. What? You’re body isn’t indestructible, too? Naïve Beth is learning a lesson.

But from going from 8 months of this new love for distance running to all of sudden Z-E-R-O physical activity is torture. I know I should enjoy the time off, Beth, you’ll get back into it. Be glad you have an excuse to do nothing. Can’t you just relax?

Sure I can relax. I did enjoy the freedom from a training plan, but quite honestly, it’s never really been my style to “do nothing.”

(Kayaking in the Bahamas on spring break in college.)

So now I stare extra long at runners I see, a little jealous and a lot creepy. I drive past my old running route while I’m driving home from running errands and physically yearn to park my car, set my distance on my Nike+ to x amount of  miles, and take off down the path.

photo (19)

I hope it’s only temporary, I really need it to be temporary. Not because I identify myself as only a runner, because I’m much more than that, mainly because I miss what I love.

I miss the “me time” to clear my head, to get creative with projects coming up, to get inspired about other aspects of my life, to settle thoughts about situations I have no control over, and mainly just to listen to what my body is telling me.

photo (21)

I love the feeling when you begin to finally sweat after the 1-2 mile mark. I love my heart racing when I’m struggling up a hill. I L.O.V.E. when I hit the 5-6 mile mark and everything falls into place. I mean everything. Breathing, stride, light stepping, feel as light as a feather. I really miss that.

So enough depressing talk – just trying to keep it honest and all.

Thankfully I have a great hubby and a lot of great friends and family that support me. I also have a lot of fun stuff going on not related to being active. It’s a great time of year for parties so I get to see a lot of the people I want to see and that helps me stay sane, too.

I’ll keep you updated on the hip. I may go back to my sports medicine doctor next week to take him up on that MRI offer. Cross your fingers he just wants me to rest!


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