Happy New Year!


4 days later but still deserves a greeting as the first post of 2012!

Hope you had a great holiday and got to spends lots of time with family and friends. B and I went back to Indiana for Christmas and the following week! It was a great vacation and the first time we had been home since last Christmas.

We’d seen our families since then, just hadn’t been home. So many weddings and things going on the past year we used all our vacation for!

So here it is 2012.

We rang in the New Year in Charlotte!

Great night to end a great year. 2011 was good to us!

Moving onto 2012 fairly quickly.. New Years Resolutions. Ugh. I hate new years resolutions because why do you need a new year to do something different? Just do it.

That being said, I love goals and any excuse to make new ones (I.E. running my first half and full marathons in the same year). I think of new year resolutions more like goals for the next year.

I’m also a firm believer in once you set a goal, you should write it down and share it with others to hold you accountable and to have something to look back on.

Beth’s 2012 Goals

Hopefully start some consulting on the side of my full-time job. Many leads, just have to actually DO IT!

Professional Development
Earn a certification either dietetics or fitness related. I’ve been looking into several certifications that interest me and have yet to decide which one to plunge into!

Finally go to mass at a church we’ve heard great things about.

Experiment in the Kitchen
I normally end up eating several meatless meals each week but I want to incorporate more complete vegetarian meals into my diet. I am in no way trying to become vegetarian, but I do recognize that eating a diet high in plants, whole grains, nuts, etc. does lead to a decreased risk of cancer and heart disease (both of which run in my family). I rarely eat red meat as it is and I definitely do not consider meat to be a must-have at the dinner table.
I’d like to experiment with tofu and quinoa, etc. I work at a place that makes it super easy to eat vegetarian, but I want to be able to cook that way too. Big difference!

At least once a week either at home or at the gym.

Add a few more medals to my medal hanger (Christmas present from my parents –love!) Keeping this one conservative since I’m not sure how far my hip will let me push. 

Possibly print off some of the 23087084752+ pictures I’ve taken since getting married and DO something with them!

So there you have it. Nothing too ambitious but still something to work on.

Do you have any 2012 Goals?

Shout out to all the January Joiners out there! (January Joiners are the people that join the gym in January to fulfill new years resolutions.) Don’t let the veterans make you feel inferior, we’re all there for the same reason – to be healthy!

Veterans, you were once new to a gym too, so don’t be a diva/divo when you have to wait a little longer for your equipment – plan ahead!

Hope you all had a great hump day! Smile


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