Another Kind of Workout

Monday morning I woke up for a great 5.4 mi run. It was a beautiful spring morning and all was right in the world.


I even managed to pace myself pretty well throughout.

Moving on to Tuesday, I had a Living Social deal about to expire for a wine tasting for two, 2 wine glasses, 2 souvenir t-shirts, and $15 towards a wine purchase.

I knew Brandon and I wouldn’t make it before this weekend so I invited my friend, Tyna to join me.

(photos courtesy of Tyna)

We arrived about 30 minutes prior to closing, so we were the only customers there and got to taste a lot of wine! Not just any wine, but really good wine! You never know what you’re getting with those coupon deals, but I’m more delightfully surprised than not, yesterday was one of those days.

After Chardonnay, Riesling, “First In Flight,” “Carolina Blush,” Cabernet, 2 other reds, and a dessert port wine, I purchased 2 of my favorites and we ventured out to enjoy the patio area they had set up.

After-work pictures are always so flattering.

What a great spontaneous way to spend a Tuesday evening!

Let me preface this next part with, over the past 3 weeks, we’ve been letting Owen, our 1.5 year old dog, spend his days relaxing on our bed and staring out the window instead of chilling in his kennel. All has gone well up to this point.

I walked in the door last night however, and all I could say was, “Oh. My. Gosh.”

photo (2)

He helped himself to some leisurely reading while we were at work (thankfully Brandon already read those books and we both have Kindle’s now!) and dug into an empty shoe box.

Today he’s in his kennel.

After dinner last night (the main reason for this post) I subbed for a teammate on Brandon’s kickball team!

Unfortunately, I was unable to document this with pictures because I was too busy running to kick the ball before it reached home plate (re-do), playing third base and outfield, and never actually making it on base. I WAS the most valuable “runs batted in” player though.

Gotta focus on the positive, right?

We ended up winning (I don’t remember the score) but I wish I could play on the team as a regular instead of just that once. It’s a coed team and the other players were really nice! I hope it’s something Brandon and I continue to do even after this league is over.

So that’s my random mid-week update. Hopefully getting to Body Pump tonight for some weights!

Happy Hump Day!

Do you have any funny animal stories when you come home and see what they’ve been up to all day?


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