Stronger, Better, Faster, Then A Really Hot Run

Rewind! Still catching up from the past week of running. This is a pretty loaded post so stick with it! All my cheering for the Olympic gymnasts and swimmers this past week has infiltrated into my normal life. Carrying on..

Last Saturday’s run was fun! I took my sport beans with me again on a 12.5 mile run. My schedule called for 12 miles at a 9-9:15min/mi pace, but it felt too good to slow down around mile 8. After that I just wanted to punch them out.

For those people who like numbers:

saturday 12.5mile splits

I did pretty well staying on/around pace like I said, until mile 9, then I hit a flat part of my route and was ready to feel the wind in my face.

Or the bugs getting stuck to my sweaty skin.

Either way I was ready to kick it up and I did for the last 3.5 miles.

Afterwards I got ready for the day and spent it with Brandon and my parents, who were visiting us from Indiana!

My mom took all our pictures from the day, but after we visited the farmers market and lunch, we took Owen to the park and lake to swim.



“Let me in!!”


Finding a good throwing stick..



I’m free!!!




Guys, I’m really hot.


Family picture before heading home to doggie ice cream and fro-yo!


My parents enjoying seeing Owen swim despite it being 2398423 degrees outside. Afterwards, we pretty much spent the rest of the day watching the Olympics.. nothing better!

photo (48)

I spy a compression sleeve.

Tuesday’s run this week went great! I know it sounds like I have great runs all the time, but trust me, I don’t. This one just felt particularly awesome because it was my first time doing this workout and I really surprised myself with how well I was able to execute it.

The workout:
10-20 minute warm-up
3 x 1600m (3 min. RI)
10 minute cool-down

(1600m = 1 mile)

I woke up to this weather:


Glorious! My coolest summer run yet this year!

Here are the splits:

You’ll notice I got really fancy after having this Garmin for 7 full months and figured out what the “lap” button was for.

Splits 3, 5, and 7 were my mile repeats with the 3 min rest interval in between plus a warm-up and cool-down. (Was that a run on sentence?)  Super fun!!

Remember how I said last week my legs were KILLING me after my Tuesday speedwork sesh? I think my body did some major damage repairs because I feel REALLY strong this week. I  didn’t experience anywhere near the pain this week as I did last week.

I love it when I can see (feel) progress!

I finished up my workouts for my step-down week with 10 miles as my long run before I begin building again. I always feel so refreshed after these weeks. They help keep me motivated for the weeks to come where I’m running half marathons every weekend + some.

Tonight I ran my weekend long run of 10 miles. I’m going to visit my younger cousins this weekend so I want to spend all my time with them instead of on unfamiliar roads.

Tonight’s Splits:


Two words; Heat. Kills.

It was about 85 degrees during my run but thankfully there are water fountains along the way. No sport beans though. I had to walk a couple of minutes during mile 7 and 9. I normally don’t walk but the heat just really got to me.

When I got home a chugged a PowerAde, took a shower, and refueled with the best recovery drink ever…


Chocolate Milk!! They may be for kids but I look like one, so it works.

Ok time to pack, eat dinner, and go to sleep.

Don’t forget to set your DVR’s to record the Track and Field Olympics starting tomorrow! The women’s marathon is this Sunday so check it out! (Go Kara!!)

What keeps you motivated for your long runs?
Have you had any cooler temps this week?
What do you eat/drink for recovery?


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