About Beth and Contact Information

Hey there, I’m Beth. A former dancer who fell in love with running.

I began this blog as a way to track my progress throughout training for my first marathon. I also wanted to continue to be inspired and motivated and provide a place for others to do the same and ask questions in a judgement-free manner. I realize not everyone will be interested in this but if someone is inspired along the way, so be it!

Before college, I was a dancer from the ripe old age of 3 until my 18th birthday. I danced for a local dance studio, danced on my high school team, but then was at a loss with what to do when I ended my senior year and went off to college. I really missed the structure of exercise that dance provided me. I no longer had a hobby.

I started running in the Spring of 2006 when I realized my unhealthy choices during  the first 6 months of college had me gain a solid 10 pounds.

This was about the time I decided I wanted to be a Registered Dietitian as well.

I lost that weight over the summer of 2006 and made a complete lifestyle change. I began looking at food as fuel. I chose foods that would give me energy, foods that will fill me up, and foods that were full of nutrition. I decided to be good to my body. It has done some amazing things for me, after all.

I wanted to exercise to give myself energy, be at a healthy weight for my height, and to provide an outlet for stress from school. I was determined to succeed and through my undergrad classes at Purdue, I got to see why eating healthfully is so beneficial.

After running for 5 years, graduating college, getting married, and moving to North Carolina from Indiana; I decided it was time to step it up. My cousin proposed the idea of running a half marathon and I jumped at the opportunity. With a natural love for running I was ready to take it to another level.  I trained for 10 weeks and ran my first half marathon in Charlotte, NC with a time of 1:56:49.  22nd in my age group!!

(Note to self: Remember safety pins before the morning of the race!)

After falling in love with training and absorbing all the information I could about running, I decided that wasn’t going to be my last half marathon. I started looking for half marathons that were coming up in the fall and found the inaugural race of the Rock ‘N Roll Series Marathon and Half Marathon in Savannah, GA which would be held on November 5, 2011. I was trying to rally up friends and family to join in and we decided to go for the full 26.2 miles. Why not, right?

Since April, I have been doing strength training, yoga, core exercises, and deciding which marathon training plan to follow. I officially began my first marathon training on July 5, 2011. I’m so excited for what the next 17 weeks have in store for me and all the self-discovery.

I’ve now run my first marathon and I can confidently say, I’m hooked. It was an experience I’ll never forget and one I want to continue throughout my life.

I no longer run only to be fit. I run for clarity of mind and to continue to relieve stress. I run to be a better wife, daughter, sister, employee, co-worker, and friend.

I’ve got a few races in mind for 2013, so keep reading to see how they go and if I can go the distance!

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Disclaimer:  My thoughts and opinions are my own. I will disclose if I blog about a sponsored product or if I receive a free book or product to review.


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