Weekend Race

Week 1 of training is almost complete! Wednesday is my “we’ll see how we feel day” for marathon training. If I’m feeling strong I may run a few miles or if not, I’ll cross-train at the gym. This week I cross-trained an did a Body Pump class. I would’ve liked to also do elliptical or the bike beforehand, but it wasn’t in the cards. The class was good as always, but I kept my weights lighter than I usually would chose for legs so they weren’t too fatigued for my 6 mile run Thursday morning.

Thursday morning came and I could definitely tell I went back to Body Pump. I wasn’t too sore, but my legs didn’t quite feel refreshed. I’m ok with that though because learning to run on fatigued legs is part of training. The leggies (yep, that’s a word) are going to get fatigued on marathon day; better to practice before then.

The 6 miles were good. It was my first tempo run and I did a straight out-and-back course.

I’m not very good at slowing down after the tempo part is over though..


Case in point: Mile 5.

It was supposed to be 2 miles easy pace, 2 miles tempo (gradually building up to a faster pace), 2 miles easy. Clearly I had a need for speed. In all fairness, mile 5 was the downhill of one of the biggest hills I run so I had some extra “ump.” Just like mile 2 was the uphill. Why slow down when you can fly?!

So yeah, tempos are supposed to be slower than my interval days on Tuesdays but faster than my long runs on Saturdays. It’ll be interesting to see how I progress over training with tempo runs. Once I’m in a groove of running fast I don’t like to slow down. Learn child. Learn.

Today is a scheduled rest day, which I love that Fridays are rest days BTW. I can tell I’ve stepped it up with training in the past week because I’ve been a little extra tired and hungry. Just when I got into the groove of eating while not training I have to switch it up once again. Last night I was in bed by 8 and slept through the whole night. 9 hours on a weekday? I’ll take it!

Tomorrow I’m running the Freedom Fun Run 10k here in Greensboro.

It will be my first Greensboro race (shame on me) and my first official 10k. I’m really excited for it! I have two friends that are running with me so it should be a good way to kick off training. Since my schedule calls for 8 miles tomorrow, I’m running two miles before the race to beat the heat. We’re having our first summer weekend with temps over 100. Oi. The joys of summer in the south!

Do you have any Fourth of July races planned?


Staying Active Without Running…

As you know, I had to take running hiatus after paying a visit to the sports medicine doctor 2 weeks ago. I can report back I’ve been a compliant patient and haven’t ran.

I’ve incorporated yoga into my routine once a week (for starters) and strength training (my own routine of free weights 3 days per week.) My main source of cardio has been the elliptical.

I know, I know. The dreaded elliptical.


It actually hasn’t been too bad! I’ve gone in the mornings before work and listened to CNN (since I listen on my drive to work anyway), watched the TODAY show (which I never get to see anymore!) or just take some time to think things through.

When I’m not on the elliptical, I’ve been on the arc trainer which is, I think, a better workout. I can really “dig in” to those strides and to me, feels the most like running without the impact.


I’ve taken the occasional spin class, but honestly I work out as “me” time. It’s the part of my day I can decide to do whatever I want, think about whatever I want, for as long as I want. I tend to get bored and zone out with spin because they’re always telling you to increase/decrease your resistance, pretend you’re climbing up a hill, etc. I’d rather just bike than spin.

One class I DO love and have loved for many years, is Group Power. The original version is Body Pump, but my gym offers Group Power which is just another company’s variation of it. Essentially, it’s 60 minutes of choreographed strength exercises led by a certified instructor. There are around 8 songs per hour and each song focuses on a certain muscle group. It normally goes: Warm-Up, Legs, Back, Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, Legs again, abs, cool-down. Maybe not in that order but you get the picture.

Don’t be afraid if you can’t lift a lot of weight. It’s for all ages – I’m actually the youngest one in there, normally. I have had plenty of grannies and grandpa’s show me up with the amount of weight they’re using!

I first took Body Pump when I still lived at home before I went off to my senior year of college, again the summer before our wedding, and I occasionally hit up a class now and again. Since I’ve dedicated so much time to running this year, it’s great to get back into strength training.

So while I haven’t been running, I’ve sufficiently found ways to stay active and happy.


Remember the Mistletoe Half Marathon I mentioned? I’m still not running the half, but today I did sign up for the 5k!

Amazing how exciting that is for me and not even a month ago I ran a marathon. But this really is  exciting. I haven’t ran again since my appointment 2 weeks ago, so on Thursday I’m going to take the legs for a test drive. If my hip doesn’t have any pain (which, it’s been holding up very well during the other exercise I’ve been doing) then I’ll go ahead and run. If it hurts too bad, I’ll just have to walk the 5k. No big deal – I signed up for fun and it’s for a GREAT cause!

mistletoe run

Do you have any fun holiday runs planned for this month?