Travel Day

It’s a travel day!


Leaving for NYC after work and thankfully have a direct flight into LaGuardia arriving at 6:30 this evening.

Definitely excited this day/weekend is finally here after 3 months of worrying if I’d even be able to run the race. Now I finally feel excitement and anticipation!


Goals for the race:

1. Have fun. Who knows if I’ll get the chance to run NYC again on a closed course without tourists and New Yorkers crowding the streets for me to weave through.

2. Remember how I felt just 8 weeks ago. Unsure if I’d be able run this race. Unsure I’d even be able to train for this race. Unsure if I’d be able to race again this year.

3. Be thankful. That I am able to do everything I was unsure and worried about in #2.

4. Race. Whatever happens, happens. The course begins with 6 hilly miles in Central Park, then out on a flat course until the end of 13.1 miles. I’ve said it before and if I can match my last half marathon time (or improve it) great! If not..See #2.

You can participate, too!

If you’re awake early on Sunday, log onto NYC’s ABC 7 website from 7-9am EST to watch the start of the race and commentary during the race. Several USA Olympic team members (Desiree, Kara, & Meb) will be running, so you can see them as well!

If you happen to get a glimpse of me, my bib # is 8018 and I’ll be wearing a neon green shirt. Good luck with that though!

If you want to track me during the race to see where I’m at, you can sign up for runner tracking (I believe it’s $0.99?) to be sent to your cell phone, Twitter, or Facebook account.

In addition to the race, I’m meeting my parents and younger brother who’ve never been to NYC for a fun family weekend. Can’t wait to watch as they take it all in!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and good luck if you’re running a Shamrock Race!

Your Turn

I challenge you to sign up for a race this weekend. What? Your city isn’t hosting one this weekend? Well you’re in luck!

This weekend, on Saturday, January 21 is the Inaugural Twitter Road Race. The distance is a 5k (3.1 miles).

If you want to learn more about it, see the Race Details per, the race director.

Basically, Sign up, choose your own course (even a treadmill if the cold is too much!), choose your own pace, and your racing buddies (4-legged friend?) if you like to run with friends.

When you’re finished, fill out a form similar to your registration form with your official time. You can also tweet about your running using #TwitterRoadRace. Results will be posted in the 24 hours following.

It’s not a competition, just a great way to have fun!

This time of year can be challenging to get motivated, especially once the newness of New Years Resolutions starts to wear off. Also, what a great way to connect with other runners in the healthy-living community! Check out who’s running on the registration page to see if you know anyone!

I signed up…hope to “see” you there!


P.S. Just incase you’re traveling or can’t do it this weekend, there is another virtual race next weekend called, Freeze Your Thorns Off 5k. Prizes are involved with this one! Happy Running!!

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