Unplanned Rest Day

Every so often you get those days where you just have to listen to your body. Even after a weekend full of rest, today I’m not feeling so hot.

I worked a job fair yesterday, so maybe being around the 400+ people made me feel icky. “Research has shown that more than 90-minutes of high intensity endurance exercise can actually make individuals more susceptible to illness for up to 72 hours following the conclusion of the exercise session.” (Source) I guess I should have been more careful yesterday after my 11 mile run just 48 hours prior.

Although I could definitely run today, with the amount of fatigue I had over the weekend, my rest day yesterday consumed with an aching right hip (I think a bursitis flare-up), only 6.5 hours of sleep last night, and today feeling somewhat dizzy and achy… I think I need the day off and an early bedtime.

Tomorrow I’ll pick up where I left off and missing a 3 mile run isn’t going to set me back a gold medal or anything (HA!). So instead of Tuesday just being hard to get motivated to start my training week day, it’s put on the brakes so you can run the rest of the week day.

A runner not only knows when to push and motivate her/himself, but also knows when enough is enough. Listening to your body takes practice, just like running does.  Don’t try to make up miles when you miss a day, just step right back in line for the run that’s up next. You risk injury and burn-out otherwise.

Hopefully skipping today will make for a good 6 mile run tomorrow and I hope you had a good run today! Decaf green tea is in my immediate future 🙂