Taking Chances

In early December via my Twitter feed, I saw someone “tweet” that the NYC Half Marathon application period was about to open. I thought it’d be pretty sweet to run through the heart of NYC in an organized race, and in one of the top national races at that!

So, thinking I had absolutely no chance in the universe to be accepted, I created a profile. Logical, right? Nothing like keeping your confidence boosted while you have no chance and currently can not run. Regardless, I filled out the application, paid them a measly $5, hit submit, and waited. Not patiently though.

The drawing took place on December 29, 2011. The day came and went and I was anxious all day re-loading my profile page every 30 minutes via my phone.


The page kept giving me a message about “the drawing is in progress, please come back later.” If you think I’m a patient person, I am in some things, but not this. My husband was really sick of me saying, “ughhhh still nothing! This is torture!”

By about 9:30pm I still hadn’t heard yay or nay. I got curious and started checking Twitter and there were a lot of tweets about people who had been accepted. I just figured I hadn’t and I moped for about 15 minutes (ok more like an hour) but then I was over it… I didn’t really think I would be chosen anyway, right? Plus, if you enter the race 3 years in a row and get denied, you will get a guaranteed entry into the race on the 4th year. All I had to do was wait 3 more years..

December 30 (Friday) morning I woke up at my in-laws house, still visiting from the holidays, and decided to check just to make sure. Surely they would have processed everything in 24 hours and it’d be posted.

As I reloaded the page, this is what I saw:

nyc half marathon screen acceptance



I am really sick of looking at that guy, whoever he is.

I’m in! I’m so in!

The race takes place on Sunday, March 18, 2012. Here’s the course map. We start in Central park, run through Times Square, then along the west side highway, and finish at the South Street Seaport.

Now you know why it’s so urgent that I get my hip under control. I start physical therapy tomorrow and I can’t wait to get there.

Like a good student, I started foam rolling the crap out of my legs this past Sunday and have found a pretty good amount of knots. I’ve been keeping that up daily, along with hip-opening yoga poses and calisthenics.

Even though the injury journey isn’t completely finished yet, another journey is about to begin. Whatever, I’m good with multi-tasking.

13.1 miles in NYC. Let’s go!


                        (Taking the stairs to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris!)

I’m stoked.


It’s Fall in NC!

I love everything about fall. Pumpkins, sweatshirts, cozy slippers, bonfires, and hot cider. But one of the things I’m looking forward to the most this year is.. fall running gear!

I bought these capris with a purple detail yesterday.

(Not me in the picture…)

Along with 2 shirts and another visor. After training for the half last winter/spring, my favorite running bottoms became my only pair of Nike capris, so naturally I needed a second pair. I just love running clothes. I would rather go a shopping spree for running clothes than regular clothes (although it would be hard to pass up dresses).

I ran my long run of 19 miles in Naples, FL this past weekend. It was so. hot. No shade and very humid despite getting up at 6am Saturday morning after flying in the night before and getting to bed at midnight. Although I wouldn’t consider it a good run, I did it, so that has to count!

This weekend is a step-down week so I only have 12 miles to run on Saturday. I’m super pumped because we will be in New York City. I plan on getting a weekday run in Central Park on Friday morning. I can’t wait to run there and I can’t wait to wear fall (it will probably feel more like winter though) running clothes while I’m there!

I’m pretty easy to please.

So from here until it starts to snow – this about sums it up for me.

Days until Rock ‘n Roll Savannah Marathon: 33!