Happy 4th of July!


I hope you all are soaking up lots of time with family and friends this holiday. I’m flying to Indiana tomorrow for my best friend’s wedding weekend, so Matron of Honor duties are about to commence!

Despite it being a holiday week + a very fun event at the end of the week, marathon training continues.

Instead of having a cross-training day Sunday and Yoga on Monday, I skipped the cross-training and just did Yoga on Sunday, pushing everything this week up a day.

Sunday: Yoga
Monday: Key Workout #1 (intervals)
Tuesday:cross-training (30 minutes elliptical + plyometrics, weights)
Wednesday: Key Workout #2 (tempo run)
Thursday: Travel Day to Indiana (day off)
Friday: Long run of 9 miles before all the activities begin for the day!

I’m excited about running again in Indiana. When I flew up last summer to help Adrienne dress shop I took advantage of the hill-less roads and I plan on doing the same on Friday.

This week’s runs have been going great, particularly today though.

Remember last week when I didn’t quite do a great job of pacing for a tempo run? Well.. I tried a little harder today and I nailed it!


2 miles easy x 2 miles tempo x 2 miles easy

I was pretty proud that I could see a progression and slow-down at the respectively planned miles. Small wins, folks.

On an unrelated note, I think it’s about time for new shoes. I bought the current pair that I am running in back in late January when I started physical therapy. I love the shoes, so I’ll most likely re-buy them (Brooks Ravenna’s) but I’ve been noticing some upper metatarsal pain after my runs this week. This is probably the longest I’ve gone since getting new shoes ( I’ve only put about 200 miles on this pair) however, the length of time I’ve had them suggests it’s time for new.

Well, I’m off to Indiana for the weekend! Have a fun and safe Fourth of July and as always.. Run Happy! –Brooks

brooks 4th
Photo credit: Brooks

Did you run or race today?


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