So Long Winter Weather

I believe the days of running tights, gloves, and headbands are behind us.

Before my snow run a few weeks (?!) ago.

At least they are here in North Carolina. The weather for the upcoming week looks promising!


Yesterday was my first run since the half and it was a hot one. I got to wear shorts for the first time since…the marathon? and it felt darn good to feel the wind against my legs.

I didn’t know how far I wanted to go, or how long the rain would hold out, so I set off towards the park and had an easy 5 mile run.

saturday 5miles

It was nice to be running the park again. I’d been running on sidewalks during this past “training” period since it’s safer than the park when it’s dawn/dusk. I’ll take the longer days we’re having along with that nice weather, too!

After the run I did my usual stretch/cool down, shower then pulled my new compression sleeves from the NYC Half expo.

calf sleeves
Another iPhone pic…

I love that I can discreetly wear these under work pants during training this summer for the MCM. The fact that were free is an added bonus!

Last week’s recovery after the half went well. I had hip pain after the race last Sunday, but after thoroughly icing it overnight, I woke up to a seemingly perfect hip! It hasn’t given me any trouble since and I’m really happy about that.

By Wednesday/Thursday I was able to take the stairs down looking pretty normal and without a look of agony on my face. The few days following the race I was taking them backwards..does wonders for those sore quads!

Today was more of a relaxing day. I did some yoga and pilates at home while Brandon was working, then rounded out the day with a walk with Owen and some chores around the house.

I can’t wait to get back into a normal exercise routine this week!

What are your workouts looking like? Any ideas for me to spice it up?


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